Employee education and benefit communication are key contributors to employee satisfaction. We assist in the development of a strategic communication plan by incorporating the following:

    Identify Objectives
    Tailor to Diverse Employee Populations

    Recommend Methods and Options
    Incorporate Company Branding

The goal is to customize a plan that effectively educates and engages a multi-generational, increasingly digital workforce. Strategies can be tailored to include the following:

    Digital promotional tools
    Personalized benefit counseling and chat sessions
    Print material- posters, flyers, benefit guides, tent cards


    Confirmation statements
    Total compensation statements
    Targeted communication via SMS, email, and push notifications


Many employers struggle with communicating important information to their employees in this rapid changing environment.
With our wpsENGAGE 2-way communication tool, human resources can now easily connect with their employees throughout the year.

With wpsENGAGE, employers can send dynamic messaging through:

Text (SMS)           Email           App Notifications


Target Your Audience


Included Messaging

Pre-Enrollment Education
Wellness Initiatives
New Employee Welcoming Information
Benefit Changes
Organizational Events
Important Safety Protocol

Measurable Outcomes

Set Goals
Monitor Click Rates
Results from Surveys and Quizzes