Our Enrollment System

Most human resources departments have the burden of communicating benefits as well as assisting employees with benefit elections. With longer hours and tighter budgets, employers are looking for a solution.

Our goal is to make the client's job easier through streamlining the entire benefit and enrollment process. We do this with our benefit administration solution. Our customized benefit administration systems simplify and automate the entire benefit communication and enrollment process. All benefit enrollment activity and data is in one place.

Some of the advantages of outsourcing benefit administration are:

  • Greater flexibility
  • Streamlined process
  • Improved customer service for employees
  • Reduction in costs with no large upfront cost for installation or ongoing updates

As a leave behind system, Human Resource  has access to benefit elections at their fingertips. Our systems integrate with each employer’s existing payroll system and can be used for new hires and status changes in addition to open enrollment. This simplifies the entire enrollment process for everyone.

With the ability to customize each enrollment to the client’s needs, WorkPlace Solutions can build a communication and enrollment strategy that solves everyone's goals. Designing the enrollment platform as an easy-to-use system is important to the overall solution. The user-friendly interface can be navigated by most employees, and the system can be accessed through any Internet browser.

Our systems are flexible and can accommodate each client’s unique benefit plan rules and requirements. WorkPlace Solutions can adapt to the client’s situation of complex eligibility rules and plan designs. Both core and voluntary benefits can be enrolled through any of the the systems.

Real-Time Data - Users can access the site at any time to review elections.

Role Based User Access - User access to the system is governed by "roles", which are groupings of permissions that specify which users have access to what set of features.

Customized Data Feeds – The system integrates with over 100 carriers and payroll systems.

Customized Forms - Forms can be populated and delivered as needed.

Integrated Presentations –Employees are educated on every benefit they are eligible for through the use of screens, slides, and video.

Document Library – A forms library allows easy access to documents and forms for all employees.

Scheduled Reports – The system is capable of providing a quick and easy way to generate reports.

Co-browsing – The system assists employees with navigating the system.

Our technology is continually changing to meet the needs of employers by solving their toughest challenges. That is why we stand behind our system and say that “WorkPlace Solutions…....Communicating Benefits Through Technology” is what we do best.

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